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  • The Sidearm Club is designed spefically for the Junior and social cricketer. With a softer flex and easy release, the Sidearm Club™ is perfect for parents and junior coaches working with young teenages and below. The Sidearm Club™ has been specifically designed to throw lighter cricket practice balls such as incrediballs or windballs for junior practice, as well as full weight cricket balls. A brilliant tool for building confidence and repetition of technique, a must for any coaching kit. It’s very easy to use, and can be mastered by most cricketers within 5 or 10 minutes. 5 minutes in a net before an important innings and you'll go out to the middle feeling like you're on about 120!
    Any coach who uses the Sidearm™ club for a couple of sessions will soon be able to throw different lengths and lines at will, mixing Yorkers and bouncers to really keep the batsman reacting as they would in a game situation.



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    • New improved model 
    • Endorsed by Graham Gooch (England Batting Coach) 
    • Used by Australia’s National and State teams
    • Sidearm Elite V2 provides a level of batting practice that is impossible to better
    • Ability to deliver swinging, seaming deliveries at over 130+ km without the shoulder pain and injury associated with hours of throw downs
    • Simple grip changes replicate slower balls, off - spin and leg - spin, previously not possible with throw downs. 
    • Easily mastered, the use of Sidearm Elite V2 will improve batsmen at any level
    • A must for any player, coach and club.

    Please Note:  Never use Sidearm to pick and/or stop the ball

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